Kate Flournoy is a diehard country girl raised on Tolkien, Lewis, and Dickens, and determined to change the world. Reports conflict on whether she’s an owl, a dragon, an elf, a cat, a frost giant, or a telepath, but regardless she’s been fascinated with make-believe ever since she was old enough to stack rocks and call it a castle.

Casual acquaintances might describe her as flighty, head-in-the-clouds, slightly goofy, bashful, and good at making people laugh. People who know her better would probably add dramatic, intense, too serious, and (she hopes) compassionate.

She’s long since given up trying to accurately describe herself. 😛 The closest she’s come to date is a set of contradictions: shy drama queen, timid idealist, hopeful cynic, melodramatic logician, and intellectual poet who believes simplicity is best and everything is possible.

Except her ever learning to like cheesecake. Let’s not get too wild here.

Her interests (besides writing) range from psychology to singing, reading, tree-climbing, writing, graphic design, stargazing, writing, and more writing. If she couldn’t be a writer she’d be a street-photographer, and if she couldn’t be that she’d go into music, and if she couldn’t do that she’d probably do something crazy like buy a space-ship and launch out among the stars and never come back.

Except she hates heights. So she’d probably just open a Chinese tea shop somewhere on some abandoned street corner and pay her customers to share their stories.

A passionate believer in redemption, forgiveness, and hope, she strives to write stories that reflect the majesty and power of her Creator.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass and clanging cymbals.

1 Corinthians 13:1