Meet Liza Allister

People. I’m so excited I’m just going to skip all the apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth. (I had an unfortunate encounter with a wormhole. That’s all you need to know.) 

But AAAAAAHHHHH GUYS GUYS GUYS. Today. I have. An interview.

Some of you have heard of Blank Mastermind, the… thriller? Suspense? Superhero? something… phenomenon that took the blogosphere by storm in its debut as a serial story by (the obviously amazing) Ms. Rosey Mucklestone, otherwise known as Writefury

Some of you haven’t. You’re about to be blessed. Blank Mastermind is a story about a man who wakes up backstage in an opera house with a gun, blood on his jacket, a gash on the back of his head, and no idea how he got there. Amnesia at its finest. Now we get to follow the gallant hero as the memories of the great men he has championed and the evil villains he has resisted slowly return… except maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe he isn’t the hero after all…

Read this. You will not regret it. In the meantime, I got to sit down with the awesome Liza Allister, the resident mechanic and one of the only sensible members of the cast (the rest… I’m still waiting for them to founder from subsisting on nothing but cake and ice cream). She generally likes to keep a low profile, but I was able to set up a rendezvous in a little ice-cream shop and was tickled pink to be able to talk with her.

Me: I love your hair. Why turquoise? 

Liza: I used to change my hair color a lot. Pretty much after my fiancé died I just kept it turquoise because me and him both liked it best. I tried going back to purple once and it just freaked everyone out, so I changed it. 

Me: Wow, purple… yeah, that’s freaky. XD Are you a morning person or a night person?

Liza: Night person, for sure. I’ve stayed up all night sometimes working on projects. 

Me: You and me both. Any particular reason you prefer night?

Liza: I’ve always been more into staying up late than getting up early. And a few nightmare things, plus living at the Den sort of solidified that. 

Me: …So can I just say, I also love your accent. XD Brit? 

Liza: -grins- Why thank you. Australian actually. 

Me: What’s the story there?

Liza: I grew up on a ranch in Australia. Didn’t get along with my parents great and wanted to go do my own thing in America, so I did. “My thing” ended up being a lot… different than I expected, but what can you do?

Me: Funny how life is like that, isn’t it? So if I told you you could live anywhere in the whole world and I’d pay for it, what’s your choice?

Liza: -squints- Actually you know, I’d really rather use the money to just have short stays in more places. I like travelling. 

But if I had to choose, I might go for somewhere on the Mediterranean. Cyprus or something. 

Sweet. Is it tough being a girl on the streets? 

Liza: You gotta stay on your toes, but if you know what you’re doing, you really have the advantage. No one expects you to be better than them at anything and getting the jump on them is always fun.

Me: -grins- Also being the only girl (besides Cardboard) in the gang, does that kind of make you their honorary mom? Or is it more like big sister? Or tired aunt…

Liza: -laughs- News is really more of the parent than any of us. I’d probably be the aunt who gets in on too many of the shenanigans. 

Me: Coffee or tea?

Liza: I don’t have strong opinions either way, really. But with News’s coffee being around… I’m kind of more of a tea person by now. 

Me: Oh dear. Poor News. When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

Liza: Hopefully for being smart. Making a few technological advances that weren’t there before. And for… you know… doing the right thing and all that. 

Me: Good choices. Do you have a favorite book?

Liza: An old collection of Sherlock Holmes stories I have. I always loved those as a kid and I still like them a lot now. 

Me: Yessss, Sherlock Holmes. Love that guy. And…  just because I’m wicked and curious… you get to have two of your favorite people over for dinner. But you have to punch one and kiss the other. Choice?

Liza: Ohhh ho, two of my favorite people. Let me think…

I do like the gang. Let’s say Roy and Wolfgang. Roy gets enough kisses and Wolfgang gets enough punches. I’d mix it up, punch Roy and kiss Wolfgang and then laugh at both of their faces. 

Me: I would pay actual money to be there… -snickers-. What flavor ice cream?

Liza: Mint chocolate chip, definitely. 

Me: What do you think is the most important thing for a woman to be?

Liza: Tough. Not necessarily visually tough or… you know all rough-and-tumble and tomboy sort of tough. But just able to take whatever life throws at you. 

Me: That’s great advice. And… I’m out of questions. You get this one for free. Anything particular you want to say?

Liza: I’m good. –salute- Thanks for having me, Kate!

I made a new friiiiiieeeeendddd… ❤ ❤ ❤ 

If that didn’t psych you up for the book, there’s something wrong with you. Here’s the link again. And here’s the paperback. Get it. Hoard it. Never let go. And when you’re done, hop over to Goodreads and give it the 5 star review it deserves.


12 thoughts on “Meet Liza Allister

  1. Love this so much!!! 😀 Man, now all the feels are coming back. *grins* Thanks for sharing! (and now I seriously want to ask you the punch/kiss question… XD Where on earth did you come up with that?!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so cool! I’d love to see more book interviews in the future…
    Maybe one with Dallas or Denholm???*puppy dogs eyes*


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