Look Who’s Still Alive

*crashes through the ceiling in a shower of plaster dust*
Surprise! It’s me. Happy Thanksgiving!
Guess what? I heard someone will be publishing a book soon. Oh wait… it’s me!
I’m going to get insufferable, aren’t I?
In the interests of limiting my insufferability as much as possible, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. This is what you can expect, schedule-wise, before the Big Day, and everything you need to know to get involved and stay updated. Maybe you don’t need a list. I do. XD Bear with me.

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, now would be a good time to do it. Besides getting a free short story, you’ll also be more in the loop for announcements, opportunities, and a lot of the cool bookworm stuff related to The Mirror’s launch. The most important announcements go out on my blog and my newsletter but a lot of the super neat and more book-specific stuff happens in the newsletter. Sign up HERE.

If you love books, raise your hand. That was a no-brainer, wasn’t it. XD I have a special opportunity for my fellow bookworms. Well, I say opportunity— you’re doing me a favor, but I think you get the better end of the bargain. If you’d like to get a free download of The Mirror before the release date (!!!) you can sign up HERE to be one of those cool pre-readers who get to leave the first reviews. The manuscript isn’t ready for that yet, but you’ll be notified when it is and be the first to sink your hungry bookworm teeth in it.

If you hate reading and cool bookish stuff, you can just be the cheering squad and have fun with the awesome stuff I’m going to be releasing related to the book. A few of the cool things you can expect in the coming months include but are not limited to: official blurb and synopsis, book trailer (squeals), original song written specifically for the book by the amazing Hannah Robinson, composer, (you do not want to miss this), character interviews, and cover reveal.

Whew! You got all that? To recap, if you want to be in on more backstage news, sign up to my newsletter HERE. If you want to get a free copy before release and leave one of the first reviews, sign up HERE. If you want to sit on the sidelines and cheer and be showered with cool stuff, sit back and take it easy. You’re right where you need to be. 😉

*rereads post* Wow, that really wasn’t a ton of stuff, was it? My brain these days…

I release you. Go enjoy your Thanksgiving and be thankful for lists and everything else that helps scattered artists organize their lives.


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