The Get to Know Me Tag

Welcome to me covering myself with glory by resorting to a tag after having missed my second blog post… ever… last week.

Since you people really didn’t want to learn anything this week, right? I mean, besides how fascinating and amazing and obviously punctual and organized I am, as the perfect human I was born…

No? Too bad. Buckle up.


Tag rules:

  • Link back to the person who created the tag ( Savannah— thank you Savannah, you are obviously a wonderful person.)
  • Thank the person who tagged you (my fellow writer, Catwing, was kind enough to come to the rescue of my scattered schedule.)
  • Share the tag graphic *see above…*
  • Tag eleven bloggers (*manic laughter* The people who write these rules obviously think we’re famous enough to actually know eleven bloggers. Since I’m reluctant to disillusion them, I shall attempt it.)

Now… ze questions.

Vital Stats and Appearance

(Pen)Name: Once upon a time I thought I was somethin’ else and gave myself the highly sophisticated and insipid pen name ‘M. Graye’. My actual pen name, should I choose to go by one, would be Olivia Manning, as it combines my middle name with the name of the road where I was born, as a proper pen name should. My actual name is Luthien Tuniviel.

Nickname: Katy Doodle. Katilda. Katerina. My Lady Darkness (don’t ask). Great Jedi Writing Master. And, universally agreed upon by heartbroken beta-readers everywhere… Monster.

Birthday: March 24th, 1999

Hair color/length: Black with red/gold highlights. Currently about mid-shoulder length. Is probably magical.

Eye color: … can I shake things up and say aqua, or hot pink, or something? Who wants to know the color of my eyes? Aren’t you more interested in what makes them light up, or why they sparkle randomly, or what deep existential thoughts make them fill with tears?

*sigh* Fine. Brown.

Braces/piercing/tattoos: None. Zero. Zilch. I would probably draw all over my hands and arms if that was A Normal Thing, but that’s about it. XD

Righty or lefty: Righty.

Ethnicity: FrenchAmericanCherokeeScottishIrishEgyptianSomethingOrOther


First novel written: Um… this question should be banned from polite author society. UGH. To the best of my memory, it was a lousy imitation of American Girls’ Kaya series, starring Red Wing, a sleepwalking Indian girl who somehow wandered away from her tepee and ended up finding a gorgeous white horse lost in the forest… *rubs face* I don’t even like horses.

Can we please move on.

First novel completed: hehehe. Historical fiction creatively entitled The Life and Adventures of WilliamMcFarloch.

Only slightly less embarrassing than previously mentioned first attempt.

Award for writing: 


‘Nuff said.

First publication: *prolonged grimace* Please don’t judge the prose… The Story of the Seed.

Conferences: I’ve been twice to the same conference. It’s not running anymore, and the first time was better than the second, but Indiana’s Faith and Writing conference, which I attended both times with my best friend. That first conference experience remains one of the best memories in my entire life.

(Except for the memory of one publishing agent I tried to talk with. He thought I was there to pitch, I was actually there with questions about the industry, and I’d brought a list… except one of the workshops answered all of my questions, and I wasn’t able to ask them, so our conversation was really… um… awkwardly empty. 😛 )

Query/pitch: I wrote a pitch for my Snow White retelling. I guess I owe it to you, for setting the publication date back further…

Keary Candela wants to be a rebel. As a messenger to the Queen, he knows the Hidden Kingdom better than anyone. It’s secrets. It’s sorrows. And it’s darkness.

An invisible darkness, that seizes on the slightest whisper of rebellion no matter how carefully concealed. No one knows where it comes from, but its fingerprints are unmistakable, and the price for attracting its notice is a death sentence:

Banishment. To the Toplands.

To Keary, the risk seems worth it. Desperate for answers, he joins a band of silent insurgents hidden in the lowest regions of the kingdom. But he’s not the only one looking for answers. Someone else has been asking questions… and the same sinister enemy is out to get his childhood playmate, Princess Eira— the heart of the rebellion.

Thrown into a race against time and an invisible enemy, the desperate pageboy has until midnight to discover the truth and rescue the princess. If he doesn’t… no one will be there to rescue him.


Novel (that you wrote): *SCREAMS* YOU’RE ASKING ME TO CHOOSE BETWEEN MY CHILDREN???!!! AUGH!!! *faints and conveniently avoids question*

Genre: Fantasy.

Author: *tears out hair* WHY. See though, this isn’t fair. Because if you categorize it by author, you imply that you like every book the author wrote. The only author that remotely fits that category for me is Tolkien. But LotR has some pretty stiff competition for favorite work from other authors, whose material is less satisfactory overall. Victor Hugo, for instance. Charles Dickens. Ray Bradbury. C.S. Lewis. I CAN’T PICK, OKAY.

Writing music: I like Audiomachine. Go look them up on YouTube. If you like beautiful epic music, you will not be disappointed.

Time to write: Evenings. Cause I’m finished with the other things I have to do first and I’m a bit of a night owl.

Writing snack/drink: *shrieks* You expect me to get food anywhere NEAR my precious laptop????!!!

Okay, I sometimes do snack while I write. But it’s usually whatever my brother decides to randomly bring me that he’s having too. 😛

Movie: I did not sign up for this… Kenneth Branagh’s rendition of Henry V. Though it really depends on what I’m in the mood for. And five minutes from now I’m going to regret not having said The Last Jedi, or Rogue One, or Solo. Or The Hunt for Red October. Or Monsters Inc. Or… yeah, stop me now.

Writing memory: Sitting slumped over my keyboard at 10:15 pm crying my dramatic little writer’s heart out because my shaky fingers had just typed ‘the end’ on the second draft of my 500,000+ word fantasy novel, Uncharted.

Childhood book: Hmmm… The Whipping Boy. Sounds really gruesome if you haven’t read it, but it’s a beautiful, slightly hysterical little story about the power of friendship in which the spoiled prince runs away on a whim with his reluctant whipping boy and promptly gets kidnapped by highwaymen. Sid Fleischmann has my deepest respect as an author, even to this day.


Reading: Crime and Punishment. Just a little light reading over the end of summer…

Writing: Editing The Mirror in preparation for publication, and re-doing The World Turned Upside Down for various picky author reasons. You’ll be hearing a little more about that soon.

Listening to: My sister clink around in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies, my other sister practice violin in the next room, the dryer shake and rumble in the laundry room behind me, cicadas rasping softly outside the front door, which is open to let the breeze in for the first time in a while.

Watching: My blinking cursor and realizing that most people watch movies with the regularity I read books… huh. Funny ol’ world, ain’t it?

Learning: One word: MARKETING.


Want to be published: Is that even a question? Do I look like the type of certified crazy who wants to put myself through all this agony and then neglect to involve others in the pain??

Indie or traditional: Indie. Because I’m a stubborn little individualistic entrepreneur who wants to have complete control over all her precious work, to the last itty bitty detail.

Wildest goal: Just succeed in somehow getting down everything I currently have in my head. Maybe speak at writer’s conferences. Make writing courses. Teach on a grand scale, somehow. I wanna pass on the knowledge. Teaching writing is a passion second only to my passion for actually writing. I loathe public speaking, but I’m willing to get over that for a chance to help, even just a little.


Tags… *breaks down sobbing*

You know, I could probably go into my list of followers and pick out the writer blogs… Nope. Too much trouble. If you like this, do this. And let me know when you do. XD


8 thoughts on “The Get to Know Me Tag

  1. This is awesome! And hey! My birthday is March 24, too- though I’m 4 years younger than you. This was a great tag- I really did get to know more about you.


    1. Ha! Funny, because people who know me in person usually guess fifteen. XD

      I always thought you were older than me, to be honest. 😛


      1. Well, anybody who sees me in person asks what grade I’m in, and they’re always surprised to hear I’m a senior — in college. But online I seem to come across as older than my actual age too, which is weird.


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