I Took a Vacation to Outer Space

For those of you who noticed, there was no Thursday last week. I know, because I was in space, and the sirens who live in the dark places between the stars told me there wasn’t.
Actually, I have a new sibling. And new siblings trump timely blog posts. Be happy I didn’t decide to let you flounder alone this Thursday too.

What is today’s post about? I have no idea. I’m in the middle of re-arranging my launch and scrambling to get book stuff all lined up as it should be; you think I have time for deep insightful blog posts right now???

You want advice? Fine.

Dance on a table. Why? For a change of perspective.

Hang upside down from the monkey bars and try to drink water. Why? To help you appreciate the way the world is organized.

Write a story from your own perspective. It’ll be a good exercise in observation and humility.

Pick up a handful of dirt and see how many bugs you can find. You’ll discover a little of what it’s like for God to look down on us, and wonder even more that He could love us.

Go outside at night without a flashlight and try to count the stars. You’ll realize how small you are.

Close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat. You’ll discover that God loves you anyway.

Run outside in the rain without an umbrella. It will teach you to let go and embrace the existence you can’t control.

Bury your bare feet in turned-up dirt and remember that life isn’t about finding the best plot of ground, but learning to bloom where you’re planted.

Go for a walk just before a thunderstorm. There’s a burning electricity in the air that’s both silent and full of countless words, and you’ll understand a little bit about the way Time can tip over onto its side and almost bleed into eternity.

Watch the leaves turn silver inside-out when it rains. Remember God designed them different on the back than on the front to give them that protection against the battering storms, and that ‘if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith?’

We are of little faith. And there are countless little things that could strengthen that faith, if we would only take the time to breathe and look around us.


5 thoughts on “I Took a Vacation to Outer Space

  1. Love this so much!!!
    Mom and I were on a walk last night when it started raining, and she pretty much thought I was crazy because I was loving every minute of it. XD God created an absolutely amazing world for us.

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  2. This. I love this. I dragged my mom outside last night to watch a thunderstorm come sweeping over the plains, and you know, I think it’s these “little” things that can show us the ways of God more than anything. It makes me sad that so much of humanity ignores them — if only because they miss that feeling of awe when for a moment, you comprehend even the tiniest fraction of God’s wisdom and majesty.

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