One More Sunset ~a Poem

This is the story of life.

We are born, we rise,

And for a time we thrive,

And paint our own horizons

With stars we see reflected in our eyes.


The story of growth is like it.

We stretch, we reach,

And for a time we run,

Living action sequences;

Chewing up the manual

And scrawling our own words

On sweat-stained pages.


I know these stories

Because I’ve lived them both.

But now, with the time of birth

Long passed,

And my spirit frail

With running



Their memories fade.


I’ve raced so hard and far

For the horizon

I never even saw it

As it passed

And fell behind,

And left me racing with a worn out heart

(And tennis shoes)

For a prize I can’t remember.


So now, I wonder, can I go back?

Is it too much to ask

Just for one more sunset?



14 thoughts on “One More Sunset ~a Poem

      1. True, although I think they stand to gain for being rare.

        (Also, if you’re really sincere about that, my blog happens to be mostly poetry. 🙂 *not-so-subtle-advertising*)


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