In Which Tags Have Taken Over My Blog

Tell you what, these tag things are handy for lazy*COUGHS* BUSY bloggers who need posts on the spur of the moment to save face and their schedule. 😛

Today I have Writefury to thank for the 777 Blog Tag. The rules are simple. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you. Go to the seventh page of your WiP, start at the seventh line, and share the next seven paragraphs.

Then nominate seven other bloggers to carry on the glory and fame.

Or… something like that. I’m actually just stalling because part of me really, really hates the idea of sharing… *cringes**whispers* unpolished work…

Don’t judge me.

Introducing The Mirror, page seven:

The platform wobbled. Keary gasped and shut his eyes. His hands closed like vises on the splintery edge. He’d never actually touched one of these, much less flown in one.

Liwon snorted softly. The lift wobbled again, then broke away from the chasm wall with a muffled clank and drifted slowly out over that gaping blackness. Levers whirred and clicked.

Keary gritted his teeth as his stomach rose in revolt.

“You can come away from the edge. Save your bravado for a time when losing your life might actually help.”

“I thought you had something to show me,” Keary ground out.

“You can see it just as well from the middle. We aren’t even there yet.”

Keary pried his fingers from the splintery wood and drew his legs up slowly, inching backwards until he found himself in the middle of the platform. Cold breezes wafted past, lifting his sweaty hair from his temples like icy hands. He glanced over his shoulder.

Liwon lounged in the far corner with the tiller under his arm, slanted eyes glimmering in the light of the red lantern hung on a post beside him.

Keary licked his lips, staring at the older boy’s strong white hands clasped around the curved beam. “Is it steam?” he managed.

“No.” Liwon bent sideways gracefully as a spider launched from his hold and the lift bent with him, tilting sideways and downward as the sails that jutted beneath it into the darkness creaked and groaned.

Acid rose in Keary’s throat. He clamped his mouth shut.

Liwon’s lazy grin split across his face and he looked away, bending the tiller again.

The lift jerked, almost spun, then jerked again and settled into a steady course. The sigh of the wind changed pitch and started to whine. Dim strings of lanterns flashed past in the darkness below, accompanied by an echo of hammer and chisel.

“Miners.” Liwon answered his unspoken question. “This is a side channel, but it’s rich in coal, and we burn coal faster’n they can pry it out for us down here.”

“Why? I thought we got more efficient boilers four levels and five queens ago!”

“Yeah, four levels. Established levels have time to be sophisticated. Down here it’s all sweat and muscle and blisters and blood. Price we pay for expansion, you know, and nobody cares. Not even Her Imperial Majesty Meredith the Third.”

Keary pressed his lips in a thin line. “If that’s supposed to be funny, it isn’t.”

Liwon grinned once more. “We’re safe from random ears out here, Keary Candela. We can speak the most blatant treason here, if it amuses us.”

“What if I decide it doesn’t amuse me, and report you? I could, you know. I’m allowed close enough. One time I even saw her.”

Liwon’s eyebrows rose. “What did she look like?”

“I… don’t know. She was all muffled up in a red veil.”

Liwon shifted the tiller to his other arm and pulled the book from his jacket. “You read this one?”

Keary nodded.

“Did you like it?”

“It was all right. I didn’t understand much of it. Except for the chapter about the giant squids of the Chasm River.”

Flipping the book over in his hand, Liwon lifted one eyebrow. “We’re over the Chasm River right now.”

Keary clamped his eyes shut. “Are you trying to make me lose my dinner?”


I nominate… let me see. Hope Ann, Hannah Gaudette, Rolena Hatfield, and… *screen goes to fuzz*

Whoever else wants to. XD Have fun and let me know if you do it.



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