Tag, You’re It!

To the rescue of my hectic going-to-be-published but also in-the-middle-of-switching-laptops schedule comes Hannah Gaudette, with yet another lovely tag: #CoverLove!

This is something I’m actually probably way too opinionated about for my own good, and the odds that she’s just unwittingly unleashed a monster are high, but it comes of being a cover designer as well as an author, so you’re just gonna hafta live with it.

Since I’m going to be a monster for the rest of this post, I’ll be a very good child at the beginning and list the tag rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Create seven new #CoverLove questions for your nominees (or just copy and paste mine).
  • Answer the seven #CoverLove questions your nominator gave you.
  • Nominate 7+ other bloggers and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Now. Showtime. Excuse me while I go backstage and get my monster suit.

  1. Your two favorite book covers EVER.
Do I even need to explain myself here? Besides the absolutely glorious composition of the entire piece (the whole structure just oozes drama and action) the mood is perfect, and it tells just enough ‘story’ to cap its undeniable epicness with a sense of depth and excitement.


I’m willing to confess this might be a bit of an off-beat choice, especially for a fantasy story since it fills literally zero of the ‘requirements’. But I can’t be the only one drawn to the mystery of her hidden face, the superb texture and character of the piece, and the beautiful color contrast and font selection.


2. A book you haven’t read, but can’t live without because of the cover.


Can I just say, to whoever designed this, I am SO impressed with the absolute masterpiece you created out of very common elements? The mask— the fire— the castle-like building— there are millions of sub-par covers out there incorporating elements just like these. But you took them and with careful blending, attention to color contrast, and a tasteful application of the ‘grungy’ aesthetic, made a cover that not only ‘pops’ on first notice but only gets better the more you study it.


3.  A book you loved, but disliked the cover.


*sigh* First off, it isn’t well-composed at all. Far too crowded— way too much going on and badly blended on top of that. The color is moody and consistent, which is about all I can say for it. Honestly though I’m not really a fan of any cover that tells no story other than ‘ACTION. COOL HEROES. STUFF’. The story definitely isn’t the most amazing thing I’ve EVER read, but I did love it. It deserved a better cover than this.


4.  A cover you loved, even though you disliked the book.

This monster doesn’t read books she dislikes. Over and out.

4.   A series in which every cover was AMAZING.


I can’t put all seven covers on here otherwise I would. But if the cover artist who did them was still alive, I’d probably sell them my birth certificate or something to teach me how to make covers like that. ‘Nuff said.


6.   A cover containing your favorite color(s).


RED. Yesssss… redddddd. I’m a huge fan of red on black and white, though it’s difficult to pull off with subtlety. The contrast here is just beautiful.


7.   A to-be-published book with an epic cover.

This monster also happens to live under a rock, and hence has nothing to give you in the way of book news or ‘to be published’— except hers, which hahaha not happening. (It is epic though. *nods*)

Okay, now the hard part. *climbs out of her monster suit and flips her hair over her shoulder*

For those I tag, your seven questions are:

  1. A cover that was meh on first glance but got more interesting the more you looked at it.
  2. A cover that looked really cool at first glance, but was meh the more you looked at it.
  3. A cover you feel didn’t fit the story at all.
  4. A cover that fit its story exceptionally well.
  5. A cover whose style you want for your own work.
  6. A children’s book cover that you really loved.
  7. The most artistic cover you’ve ever seen, and why you think that.

Imma tag Writefury, The Sarcastic Elf, The Author’s Attic, R.M. Archer, Snapper, Audrey Caylin, and A Star of Hope. If you wanna do this, consider yourself tagged and let me know how it goes. 😀



9 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It!

  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for taking part. And you’re welcome. 🙂

    Your answers are terrific. “Fawkes” – I know, right? That. Cover. Is. Out-of-this-world. Gorgeous. (Please tell me, is it a writer thing to go nuts over book covers? I really hope it is.) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *tosses the Kate monster chocolate* That should help… 😉
    This was such a fun post (even if I’ve never read any of these books [except Narnia of course])! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Fawkes! Eeep! Yasssss, so pretty! (And the others, but FAWKES) Covers are so important. I don’t actually buy physical copies of books if they have meh covers. So yes. Seeing that I want to get published traditionally, I’m hunting down publishing houses with pretty covers.
    And you didn’t go too monster! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to overstate the importance of a good cover. We all say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know we all do it. 😛 Good luck in your search. 😀


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