For My Followers

I have something special for you today.
That cheer wasn’t nearly enthusiastic enough. C’mon, where’s your holiday spirit?
Oh wait… it’s April.
Yes. Okay. Moving on.

Fact of the matter is, you guys are special. You followed me when I was nothing… *dramatic music* You stood beside me, shield to shield, and we faced the great blank walls of the wide unknown together.

So naturally you get special privileges.

I’ve finally set up an email list and a free short story (by yours truly, of course) to go with it.

And you, my fellow adventurers, are the first to know. (Well, almost the first. I already told my stuffed dragon.)
I want to widen our circle here. I want to gather in more like-minded fellow adventurers from all the corners of the world to this one spot, and build such a kingdom as the wide, wide world, with all its wonders, has never seen before! I—!
Where was I going with this?

Oh well. Dramatic speeches aside, for those of you already here, here are the keys to greatness.

Or… to my email list. *slight cough* Whichever floats your boat.

I hope to see you on the other side. 😉


7 thoughts on “For My Followers

  1. When I saw the post title I thought it would be something about being a Rooglewood finalist. . .

    (Not that she was or anything, everybody, it never happened. You must on no account congratulate her for surpassing a few hundred other entries — and of course the judge *never* said the ending made her cry. Nope. Not a bit of it.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. *hysterical laughter* SHHHHH! That’s to come in a little bit… FELLOW FINALIST. Ahem.
      Don’t go putting the cart before the horse. :”D

      Liked by 1 person

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