The Perfectionist’s Prayer

Lord, give me the courage to accept that I am human.
Give me the confidence to plod in the path You’ve given me
Even when others soar,
And the peace to wish them joy with a whole heart.
Remind me that I am where I am
Because You placed me here,
And that the plans I have for myself
Aren’t necessarily the plans You had for me from the beginning.
Plans for good, and not for evil, as You promised.
Give me the faith to accept that You know what You’re doing.
Let me look at the lives of great ones gone before
And praise You for what You can accomplish,
Not envy them how easily they achieved great things.
Help me to remember that my definition of great
May be different from Yours,
And that all who walk in the path You set for them
Are counted great in Your eyes.
Give me faith— not to see the end, but to trust You hold it.
Blindfolded though I am by the time that binds us all,
Guide my stumbling steps with love
And show me that You have walked this path
Too many times to count
And that Your knowledge is more than sufficient.
Teach me to be perfect in prayer.
Make me great in humility,
And above all, wise in my own foolishness.

In the name of God who alone is wise, amen.


9 thoughts on “The Perfectionist’s Prayer

    1. *stands on top of the Empire State Building and yells through a megaphone* AMEN.

      I mean, amen that we all need it… and you’re welcome. XD I wrote it for myself, but I is happy others benefit. *nodnod*


  1. I can definitely relate to this. Thank you for summing up every quiet little prayer of mine when I’m feeling like I have to be perfect at everything – and there are certainly no shortage of those times.


  2. *wonders if you’ve been saying on me…* Perfectionism seriously is the downfall of us. We forget that God does not demand perfection, and we place a pressure that need not be there on ourselves.. the war of the flesh and the spirit I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great thoughts. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can ever talk too much about this. It’s a huge issue and we all constantly need encouragement against it.


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