Paradoxical~ a Poem

In losing lies the finding.
In sacrifice the gain.
Freedom is a binding rope,
And liberty a chain.

Loving is releasing.
Releasing is relief.
Devotion is a letting go,
And knowledge is belief.

Hatred is unworthiness;
Unworthiness a void.
Grace is for the graceless one,
And reason has destroyed.

In giving up lies victory,
Humility is strong.
Submission leads to freedom’s gate,
And Time is not so long.

A spirit lives forever;
The lives of men are mists.
Work is vain endeavor,
And a paradox exists.


16 thoughts on “Paradoxical~ a Poem

      1. You my baby are also a genius. Your poems are heart worthy and bind to the soul. They make the mind and soul think. Your mom and dad have taught you beyond today and now you see eternity!
        There is no greater gift than to know and love the Giver that gave His life for us.
        Keep putting pin to paper you do it justice!
        Love you much,

        Liked by 1 person

    1. My mission in life has been accomplished. I may have a lot of other problems, but hey. At least I write cool poems. :’D


    1. XD Well, I have, actually. This one itself, a while back, and another one before it that I’ll be posting on here sometime in the near future. 😉


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