Writing Tip~Entry #1

Carry a notebook.

That brilliant idea you KNOW you can’t forget? You won’t remember it five minutes from now. Also, carrying a notebook forms good habits of observation. You’ll feel very stupid carrying around an empty notebook, so you’ll start looking around for things to write in it. Once you start looking around, you’ll start seeing things… and spoiler alert, but the world is well worth seeing.

Don’t just record facts though. ‘Saw white fisherman’s shed with ramshackle blue-tile roof’. Describe how it makes you feel; the aura of it. ‘Salt-white fisherman’s shed with a blue-tile roof that drooped like sad, patient eyes, as though it were a weary lover watching the tide tease the shore in front of it but never come farther than the rocks.’

It will teach you to see the extraordinary in the ordinary things around you, which is the truest mark of a truly wise writer.


16 thoughts on “Writing Tip~Entry #1

  1. Love this!!! I would also say that it can be helpful to carry around more than one if you’re able to- it makes sorting things (and consequently finding them later) so much easier. I have one for sermons, one for funny/interesting quotes I hear, one for story ideas/prompts, and one for random tidbits of information- and generally one or two extra for “just in case.” 😉
    Also love the quote at the end- it reminded me of one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes quotes: “Depend upon it, there is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace.”

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    1. Wow, if I had heard that quote before doing this post, I would have used it instead of coming up with something myself. XD That is so brilliant.
      Ooh wow, different categories. Good idea. Mine are just a really weird and random compilation of everything from cheesy puns to character development to plot ideas to philosophical rants on sermons or worldviews. And a whole lot more. 😛


  2. YES. This is something I started doing a couple months ago, and it’s amazing how many glorious ideas and beautiful descriptions a little book can keep you from forgetting. (Plus, it’s great for people-watching… just sayin’.)

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  3. I have my…
    things to look up at the library notebook
    people descriptions notebook
    sermon notes random doodles and sketches notebook
    story and poem ideas notebook
    ideas for stories that I’m actually working on notebook
    etc. XD XD


    1. *solid nod* The more notebooks, the better. My goal is to get so many that after I die people will be able to go through whole chests of them and watch my own personal character development as the years went by. XD


  4. I already carry a notebook around everywhere I go. I’m a bit obsessed and everyone thinks I’m weird. They just don’t know the true extent of a writer’s weirdness though. 😀 I’ve done much stranger things than carry around a notebook. 😛 It’s very useful for scribbling down notes and attempting to decipher them later on.
    (Also, Kate, I’ve tagged you for the Liebster award on my blog, if you’d like to do it!)

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  5. You know you’re weird when you reply to other people’s comments before the actual post…that SOMEONE ELSE WROTE, to be clear. I don’t even do that on my OWN blog.

    However, if weirdness is prevailing, that’s only because this is such an awesome blog/concept/post that it triggered my Crazy Writer Reaction (TM), so I’ll plead insane in court. Seriously though, how old are you? Your insights on these posts are fantastic, you’re clearly experienced, and I love your header images. 😀 *wistfully wishes he knew how to do that*


    1. *chuckles* For the header images, I have pixabay and unsplash to thank. XD

      As for my age, oh… forty three thousand, or somewhere thereabouts. Studying you precious mortals is my life’s work, and it’s proven quite entertaining. *innocent elvish blinking*

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